Silent Oath [Draft]

Silent Oath [Ensemble Stars, Knights]
Your hair flutters gently in the soft breeze
Like you’re beckoning me to come closer
Despite knowing it will never be forgiven, the feelings in my heart still grow stronger
From the vessel of my loyalty to you
Ah, it’s starting to spill over
(Dear moonlight)
Please don’t illuminate me so brightly
(Dear moonlight)
Because i’ll fade away
(I wear the pitch black night)
Like a shadow, nestled close, i want to protect you
Here i swear a Silent Oath to an eternity of purity
Forever unable to be spoken
Locking words away in my chest
Together with this blade, devoted to you
My proud, aching vow to you is a key, locking me away
As time goes by
Right now.
Yeah, just by staying by your side without parting
I can carry this loneliness and keep on walking
From the window of the castle hidden in a deep forest
The night sky looks so beautiful
You, who just want to gaze at the stars
Forever, staying pure
(Dear moonlight)
Please don’t shine upon me so brightly
In this world filled with strife
(Lady please stay in peace)
Let’s (me) invite you to a sunny place
You, who deserve to stay pure for eternity
Smiling so gently, but still it makes my heart flutter
Just like the moon reflected on the water surface
Today, too, i shall carry on the proud, aching vow
The moon reflects in you eye
The scenery which disappears upon dawn, as time goes by.
Even putting (my feelings) into words is forbidden
The name of a flower that couldn’t bloom
Please forget it.
(My Dear)
With that gentle voice
(My Dear)
Don’t let it spill out
(My Dear)
The key that is subjected to my heart
(My Dear)
Sank to the bottom of the water…
(Dear Moon Light)
Please don’t illuminate me so brightly
(Dear Moonlight)
Because i myself will fade away
Someday, when happiness finally comes to you…
The pristine, eternal Silent Oath
Without being conveyed, locked away forever
Along with the blade devoted to you, the key subjected to my heart
A proud, aching vow…
To you, who deserve to stay pure for eternity
The reason why your gentle smile make my heart flutter is
Because of the ripples the key i threw into the moon reflected on the water surface created
The hoarding, pale [feeling]
As time goes by
Right now
I shall carry on
(Silent Oath)
The moon reflected on your eyes
(Silent Oath)
And the proud vow


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